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Gameplay of Space Nerds in Space

Stephen Cameron, developer of spaceship bridge simulator Space Nerds in Space (abbreviated SNIS), put out a new developer update regarding recent progress on the game today. As he usually does, Cameron released the dev update as a video on his YouTube channel, where he also talks about some of the new additions and features that have recently been added to SNIS. There are quite a few cool new features, so be sure to check the video out.

Some of the additions that get mentioned include the ability to find the lobby server IP address automatically during network setup, better behavior on the part of the client in the event of a lost connection, and improved warp-gate traversal. However, the feature that gets the most coverage in this dev update is the new console that has been added to the Demon screen. This console allows you to control certain game behaviors and run Lua scripts from within the Demon screen. There are many commands that can be run from this console, and Cameron demonstrates a few in the video.

Space Nerds in Space has enjoyed a healthy amount of development in recent times. The previous video update, back near the end of July, was the first in four months, but Cameron mentions in that video that over 200 commits had been made to SNIS in the intervening time. Improvements from recent months include network optimizations, menu modifications, and visual enhancements in both the game view and the role screens. Speech recognition is another feature that SNIS has improved on. An Android app by Max Redmond is now availiable, called the "SpaceNerdsCommunicator," that allows voice-controlling the game with your smartphone. This is in addition to the built-in voice command support, implemented with pocketsphinx, that SNIS has had for some time.

Make It So, Number One

Space Nerds in Space is a pretty amazing project. Spearheaded by Cameron (who is also the creator of the celebrated tongue-in-cheek side scrolling SHMUP Word War vi), SNIS is a so-called "bridge simulator," meaning that it takes the regular old spaceship simulation genre one step further by turning it into a team sport. Originally inspired by another game called Artemis: Spaceship Bridge Simulator, SNIS can be played locally or over a network, and is best enjoyed with a starship crew of your own. SNIS targets GNU/Linux natively, and has support for lots of devices. Cameron himself has discussed using various cool kinds of hardware with the game in SNIS's forum thread. Many other neat aspects of this game's development are also touched upon in the thread.

Space Nerds in Space shows a lot of creativity and promise, and it is certainly one of the coolest libre games being actively developed right now. We at will be reporting on this game more in the future, so stay tuned in right here to learn about any future SNIS news!

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