Me & My Shadow 0.5 Beta Version Coming Up

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Gameplay screenshot of Me & My Shadow

The developers of puzzle-platformer Me & My Shadow announced earlier this week that an updated version of the game (numbered 0.5) will hopefully be available soon. Developer acme_pjz introduced some of the upcoming features in a blog post on Monday and mentioned that a beta version of 0.5 is coming up. The blog post highlighted the work that has been done on Me & My Shadow in the time since the release of v0.4 back in 2012.

In a related post on FreeGameDev Forums, developer Edward Lii listed out what still needs to be done to reach the v0.5 milestone. In the thread, Lii also solicited feedback and suggestions from the forum-goers, and pointed out that the current focus of the project should be on testing new features. As of this writing, the thread is still active, so if you have some ideas for the project, be sure to bring them up over there!

This announcement comes hot on the heels of another blog post from back in June about forking the source code to GitHub. That previous post also mentioned the work done by developer oyvindin to port Me & My Shadow to SDL2, which is one of the major changes for the upcoming v0.5 update. These two blog posts are the first news from the project in several years, and indicate a renewed interest on the part of some of the developers to continue working on the game. Version 0.5, if and when it comes out, will be the first official release for Me & My Shadow in nearly half a decade.

Long Time Coming

Me & My Shadow was originally developed by Luka Horvat, and was GPL'd back in 2011. It was actively developed for a while, but progress began to slump back in 2012, and at least appeared to grind to a halt about four years ago. Though the last word from the devs before the most recent update is dated for 2012, the most recent version of the game from SourceForge was released in March of 2014. That is quite the hiatus!

It is always nice to see free software game projects be revived. The unique development model of FOSS allows stuff like this to happen. Let's see what the developers have in store in v0.5. For Me & My Shadow, the future is looking bright!

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