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Hello all, and welcome to the Free and Open Source Software Gaming Nexus (, for short)! This website has been launched with the intention to create a news and review outlet that focuses exclusively on free-as-in-freedom games! On, we cover only games that are truly libre, that is, that have freely licensed source code and freely licensed media. You can find out a little bit more about our criteria and mission on our about page!

In addition to news of interest to the libre gaming community, is also home to other great projects! is proud to host the FOSS Game Catalog, a wikified collection of games that are guaranteed to be fully free. We also host FOSSGN Video, a web video show that focuses primarily on Let's Plays and tutorials. We have a forum and an IRC channel on freenode. Check them out, and you too can become a member of the community!

Under Construction

This is a "soft launch" of, meaning that the site is not yet up to 100% functionality, and is still a work-in-progress. We will be adding much more to in the coming days! When the site reaches its full function, we will announce a proper "full launch" of Stay tuned! is currently created and maintained entirely by one person, me, Erik Letson. I created this website from scratch, and maintain it on a server I currently rent. Would you like to help Please email me at "erik (at) fossgn (dot) com" and let me know how you want to help! Article writers, forum moderators, game source-code reviewers, and more are all needed, so feel free to help!

Hope you enjoy your time here! Stick around for more from!