Update to heXon Out Now

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Screenshot of heXon, by LucKey Productions

A new version of action-packed twin-stick shooter heXon is now available from Itch.io. The update was released yesterday and is numbered "08092018" after the date. It introduces a new set of changes to the game. A couple of changes, in particular the introduction of visual "mirages" of objects that near the game barrier, as well as some new behavior for the chaosphere, are discussed in a devlog post that accompanied the release of the game.

In the aforementioned blog post, developer LucKey Productions also mentions that upcoming releases of heXon will feature a new depth charge item, and even shows off what it will look like. That's an addition that should spice things up!

This release comes after a recent surge of productivity on the heXon project. The most recent preceding devlog dates from way back in November of last year, but the game's Gitlab page shows a good bit of recent activity that has brought heXon to this new release stage. Developer Modanung, the primary member of LucKey Productions, looks to be the main (only?) contributor for these changes. Now that shows dedication!

heXon is an excellent arcade-style action game, and is perhaps one of the best-looking games in the libre gaming community. LucKey Productions deserves praise for the progress they have made on this awesome shooting game. Here's hoping more is to come in the near future!

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