Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup 0.22 Released

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Gameplay screenshot of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup 0.22: "Ghost in a Cell"

The developers of popular roguelike Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup announced yesterday that a new version of the game is now available. Version 0.22 carries the name "Ghost in a Cell", in reference to the addition of special themed rooms (called "vaults" in Dungeon Crawl terminology) featuring sealed enemy ghosts. There are a host of other changes and improvements made with this new version, the most noteworthy of which are discussed in the changelog.

One of the most significant changes in 0.22 is the complete overhaul of the user interface. Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup now sports a new look, with changes to the menu screens being particularly noticable. In previous versions, bringing up a menu (the inventory, for instance) would take the user to a seperate screen that would be filled with options. The new UI brings the menu up as a sub-screen, overlaying the regular game screen. The menus are also now more vertical, and encourage scrolling downward through them rather than searching through side-by-side columns like in previous versions.

Other changes include improvements to the minimap, some god and item changes (Dithmenos is Evil now), and a major change to the spell books and spell memorization systems. Spell books are now consumed to add a list of spells to a "spell library". You can memorize spells from this library at any time, thus removing the need to carry books around. This modification necessitated some other changes, especially to the gods Trog and Vehumet.

0.22 Inventory
The new menu look in 0.22

Let The Tournament Begin

As is customary, a competitive online Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup tournament has been initiated for the release of the new version, and is set to go on for 16 days, starting yesterday, August 10th. This tournament was announced in detail in an official blog post last month. According to the tournament page, there are no changes in the rules between this tournament and the 0.21 tournament back in January. At the time of writing, n103509 was the number one ranked player and FragileFeFEs was the number one ranked clan. You can follow the rankings yourself on the official tournament website's Leaderboard page.

FOSSGN.com will be offering coverage of the tournament as it is ongoing. Check here for updates and information! Good luck to all the tournament competitors and regular players enjoying this new version of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup! Here's hoping you all recover the Orb of Zot!

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