DCSS 0.22 Tournament Coverage

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Screenshot of the leaderboard for the 0.22 Tournament

The Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup 0.22 Tournament has been ongoing for over a week now. We mentioned that we would be covering this tournament in our article announcing the release of 0.22, and since this is about the half-way point of the contest's duration, this seems like an ideal time to give an update on the current standings. This article will reflect the scoreboards as of Sunday night at about 10:00 PM CST.

First off, some general info and stats about the tournament itself. It should be obvious that this tournament is being played with version 0.22 of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup. Currently, the global win percentage among all games by all players in competition stands at 2.81%, with 50246 games played against 1412 games won. There are a total of 2595 current active participants in the tournament (that is, players who have played at least one game during the tournament). Of these, only 498 players have won a game. The deadliest enemy so far has been the orc priest, having killed a whopping 2579 seperate players ("Beogh smites you!"), and the deadliest ghost is harshax's ghost, who has killed 4 players.

The current player rankings look like this: Yermak (Remove Jivya) is in first place with a score of 6830 points and a win percentage of 84.85% (28 wins out of 33 games). Second place goes to n103509 (Powered By Kimchi 3) with 6199 points and a 29.33% win percentage (22 wins out of 75 games). Rounding out the top three is manman (Ouch - That really hurt my FeFEs) who has a score 6000 even and a win percentage sitting at 17.92% (19 wins out of 106 games). First place Yermak is also the holder of the current longest win streak of this tournament, at 16 uninterrupted wins. In fact, the top 3 highest scoring players are also the top 3 longest-streak-holding players, with n103509 at 12 wins in a row, and manman at 10. Manman is the only one with a streak that is still ongoing, and is in fact the current leader on the active streaks scoreboard as well.

The top ranked clan is Ouch - That really hurt my FeFEs, captained by 3rd place manman, and featuring three other players that are in the top 10 in their own right. Second place clan is Powered By Kimchi 3, captained by Dowan (and featuring second-place player n103509), and rounding out the top 3 clans is Gozag or Go Home, featuring Ge0ff as captain. Ouch - That really hurt my FeFEs also leads the clan combo scoreboard with 33 unique species-background combo wins amongst all clan members.

The 0.22 tournament will be ongoing until 20:00 UTC on August 26 (next Sunday). Be sure to check here for the results! In the meantime, best of luck to all the competitors! There is still time to make your mark on this tournament, so be sure to enter if you haven't already! To enter, all you have to do is start playing on any one of the public servers (with the exception of CDO), and your scores and results will be tabulated by the tournament website automatically! Be sure to check out the 0.22 tournament information page for rules and other useful knowledge. See you next time, crawlers!

Image captured by Erik Letson from the 0.22 Tournament Leaderboard page. Discuss this and other news stories on our forums!